I though I would take five minutes to share some of the available courses our partner Expath is offering for expats in Germany. It ranges for affordable in-person German language courses, to online and offline workshops on adjusting to life in Germany.

Do you have any questions, like…

  • How do I find a flat?
  • How do I register my address (Anmeldung)?
  • How do I find a job?
  • How do I apply for a work permit?
  • How do I start working as a freelancer?
  • How do I find childcare and apply for a Kita-Gutschein, Kindergeld or Elterngeld?
  • How do I find a translator or interpreter to help me at a public office?

Expath can help you with all of them. Their online courses start at only €9.99, and all their other services are priced so that freelancers should be able to afford them.